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The 1st AREDS 2 Chewable Tablet. 
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Do you have trouble swallowing pills?

Visionary™ AREDS 2 Chewable tablets are an easy and convenient alternative to swallowing pills.

 Visionary™ AREDS 2 Chewable tablets contain clinically proven levels of Antioxidants and Zinc to support Vision Health, Retinal Health, and Macular Health.  Not Available in Stores.

Did you have an adverse choking experience with another company's AREDS 2 product?  Please call or email us and share your experience.  
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Our History:

Visionary Vitamins was founded on the idea to always be looking forward. In 2010, Visionary Vitamins consulted with many well-respected Retina Specialists, Ophthalmologists, and Optometrists about developing an affordable brand of eye vitamin. Based on the latest scientific research available, we wanted to create a product that would be safe for both smokers and non-smokers. These physicians were not paid consulting fees to sponsor a product; rather, they are ethical doctors who care about their patients. These physicians believed in Visionary Vitamins to deliver high quality, affordable products. Together, we have helped patients across the country. We value and appreciate each one of the Retina Specialists, Ophthalmologists, and Optometrists we have worked with and regularly consult with them. We seek to continue delivering products that will provide the greatest benefit to the patient at the smallest possible expense. We also value and appreciate each patient that made Visionary Vitamins their choice of eye vitamin; your vision is important to us! We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and products that represent the best value. Special wholesale pricing is available for retina and ophthalmology practices; call us for more information at 855-881-3100.

Manufacturing Standard of Excellence:

Visionary Vitamin Co.'s AREDS 2 products are manufactured in an FDA registered and inspected facility that strictly adheres to the Current Good Manufacturing Practices which serves as guidance by the FDA for the dietary supplement industry. Visionary Vitamin Co.'s products are also stored in an FDA registered and inspected warehousing and distribution facility. Great care is taken to ensure that each bottle contains only the highest quality product!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose a disease.

The AREDS 2 logo is a registered trademark of the US Department of Health and Human Services which is not affiliated to Visionary Vitamin Co, Visionary Vitamin Co.'s products, or the contents on this website.

By purchasing any Visionary Vitamin Co product, you are agreeing that you will not resell this product anywhere on the internet, through a third-party distributor, or by any other means of reselling without written consent from Visionary Vitamin Co.
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Convenient Three Month Supply Bottle for $45.00
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        Lutein Naturally Sourced from Marigolds.  

        Zeaxanthin Naturally Sourced from Paprika.

        Available in Orange or Cherry Flavors for a Pleasant Taste.

Suggested Use: One Chewable AREDS 2 tablet taken 2 times daily with meals, 
                            as a dietary supplement or as directed by a health 
                            care professional.  Best taken just before a meal.
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Sourced from Domestic and Imported Materials.
Visionary™ AREDS 2 Orange Chewable Eye Vitamins
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