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Wholesale Pricing
​​Visionary Vitamin Co. proudly offers wholesale pricing to retina, ophthalmology, optometry practices, independant pharmacies, teaching institutions, and hospitals.

Professional Samples are available for physicians. You can contact us for samples by phone 855-881-3100, or by emailing us at

We offer promotional materials to our wholesale accounts at no additional charge.

We are not selling eye vitamins. CVS, Amazon, and everyone else are selling eye vitamins. Visionary Vitamin Co is fostering patient compliance with a proven nutritional formula for treating dry AMD. In the course of improving patient adherence to an established therapy we provide patients with the Convenience of purchasing a high Quality product that represents the best Value compared to store brands.

Your practice is better equipped to provide superior patient care when you can control exactly which type of vitamin formulation your AMD patients purchase. Exceptional patient care is provided when an AMD patient returns to your practice for a follow up visit to replenish their AREDS 2 supply. Being exclusive ensures that the value of our products remains consistent without ever having to compromise on quality of the ingredients used in our products.  Quality, Value, and Convenience are the reasons you should choose to Visionary Vitamins! We care about your patients; their vision is important to us!

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business!

Please contact us at or toll free at 855-881-3100 for more information about our AREDS 2 wholesale pricing program.

855-881-3100 - Toll Free