Visionary™ Sets the Standard

Key Nutrients + Customer Experiences

Visionary™ ADVANCED 2 combines key nutrients with customer experiences to make supporting retinal health easier than ever.*
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Have trouble swallowing pills? Visionary™ CHEWABLE ADVANCED 2 offers an easy and convenient alternative to swallowing pills.
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National Eye Institute Recommended Nutrients

Visionary™ ADVANCED 2 products contain the same clinically proven levels of key nutrients recommended by the National Eye Institute which may support retinal health.*
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Your Vision Needs Inspire Our Innovations

The Proper Nutrients to Support your Vision and Retinal Health Needs.*

Visionary™ was founded on the idea to always be looking forward.  In 2010, Visionary™ consulted with many well-respected eye care professionals about developing an affordable dietary supplement that supports vision and retinal health.*  Based on the latest scientific research available, Visionary™ set out to create a product that would be safe for both smokers and non-smokers.  The result was our Visionary™ ADVANCED Formula.  Visionary™ ADVANCED was the first commercially available dietary supplement to formulate Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Copper, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin into a conveniently dosed product.  Our Visionary™ ADVANCED 2 products are the culmination of proven science with an understanding of patients’ needs.  With the help of many, especially customers like you, Visionary™ has transformed from a simple question into the indisputable industry leader.  Thank you, we all advance together.  So, what problems are patients faced with?

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The Visionary™ Commitment to Quality


The first step to creating Visionary™ ADVANCED 2 products is sourcing high-quality ingredients.


Visionary™ ADVANCED 2 products are manufactured in an FDA registered and inspected facility under strict cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) and are third party verified.


Every lot number of Visionary™ is third party tested to determine if potency, purity, and consistency specifications have been met.

I have re entry developed problems swallowing, especially pills. I was most upset about not being able to take my eye vitamins. I was delighted to find the chewables! They have a good taste and melt quickly. Please keep making this product!!

Anita Bullard

Exactly as advertised. Very easy to chew. Will definitely but again.

Russell Gaspari

I have had 11surgerys on my throat and can not swallow a large pill. So when I heard about the pill that I could chew, that would help my eye’s I was glad to Order some. When I took the first pill, the tast was very good , I was very happy that I found these Chewable pills. Now I and my eye doctor, are happy and my eye’s may get no worse then they are now. I can live with the way they are now.

Carl Bunting

Great to have a convenient way to obtain the important product for those of us who have trouble swallowing those giant capsules

Don Reiner

I need eye vitamins however, I have great difficulty swallowing pills so these chewables are a life saver for me!

Kathy Ellis

I had great difficulty swallowing the large soft gel from another company, so searching the internet I found that a chewable version was available from Visionary. I enjoy the ease of taking these tablets and the taste. Easy and Convenient.

Robert J. Rasmussen

So happy to find these. The softgels caused choking, so I couldn’t take them. The fast service and ease of taking causes me to be forever grateful.

Patricia Rommel

So glad to have this product and for it to be recommended by my doctor. It solved my problem with not being able to swallow a big pill. Quick delivery too!

Donnella Parker

My eye doctor told me I have to take 10mg of Lutein a day, and after trying another product, non-chewable, “they” changed the shape of their pill. After almost choking to death on one, a truly frightening experience, I went searching for an alternative. The Visionary chewables are the perfect answer! Easy to take, pleasant taste – I prefer the orange – good price, and prompt service when you order! You won’t be disappointed.

Evelyn Tuck

My dad is 97 and has been taking the soft gel pills for the past several years. Every day he struggled to swallow these HUGE pills – they are just too big! I was at my eye doctor’s and asked if there wasn’t some alternative that would be easier for my dad to take. He recommended the chewable version and I immediately ordered a bottle in each flavor. My dad loves the taste of both the orange and cherry versions, and they are so much easier for him to take. They’re more expensive than the drug store version, but they’re worth every penny!

Sandy McCollum